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Maritime Robotics Mariner USV

The Mariner Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a multi-purpose unmanned vehicle for offshore and coastal applications.

The Mariner USV is a cost-effective system for maritime data acquisition that is adept in both offshore and coastal scenarios. The Mariner is a versatile USV that allows for both high speed patrolling and low speed surveying. The vessel has a practical design that can easily be shipped worldwide in a standard 20 ft container and allows for integration of a large variety of payloads and sensors.

  • Maritime Robotics Mariner USV
Maritime Robotics
Brattørkaia 11
7010 Trondheim



The Mariner MK II is an enhanced version of our field proven original Mariner USV.

The Mariner USV’s polyethylene construction is stable, unsinkable and near maintenance-free. It is built for use and practicality with a design that fits easily into a standard 20 ft container and simplifies transportation. The Mariner has a diesel-powered propulsion sysem
with a waterjet. Optionally, the USV can have a dieselelectric propulsion system with two electric Torqeedo thrusters and a generator in addition. This gives it a minimum of 50 hours endurance at 5 knots.

The Mariner contains a large payload room, which can be equipped with a variety of surface and subsea sensors and payloads. For example: EO and IR cameras, radars, oceanographic instruments, hydroacoustic positioning systems, echo sounders: single and multi-beam sonar systems. The subsea sensors can be mounted through a moonpool in the mid portion of the craft and users have the option to install an elevator mechanism for lowering the sensor under the hull. The USV operator uses the Vehicle Control Station (VCS) to monitor the Mariner and the data being collected from its installed payloads. The VCS features nautical charts, AIS, and radar overlay, which can be augmented with AIS and radar-based collision warnings.


  • Length [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Height [m]
  • Min. weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Portable
  • Number of thrusters
    1 or 3
  • Thruster specifications
    150hp Yanmar diesel engine - Yanmar diesel engine along with Torqeedo Cruise electric thrusters
  • Operational Area
    Coastal - offshore
  • Launch and Recovery System
    LARS system available
  • Max. WMO seastate
  • Navigation sensors - optional
    Customer Specific
  • Payload sensors - optional
    Customer Specific
  • Propulsion
    Propeller / Waterjet
  • Energy Source
    Diesel / Diesel Electric
  • Propulsion Power
    150 hp
  • Endurance at nominal power [hr]
    50 hours at 5 kn
  • Type of Communication
    Wifi / Ubiquity Broadband link / 4G
  • Applications
    Multi-purpose USV
  • Distinguishable features
    Can carry a large variety of sensors/intergrations, High endurance, Operate up to SS6

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