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INNOMAR Technologie GmbH Innomar SES-2000 autonomous

The Innomar SES-2000 autonoumus model is a unmanned surface vehicle (USV) with an integrated Innoamar smart sub-bottom profiler (SBP). It acquires full-waveform data in water depths from less than one meter down to 100 metres. The layer resolution is better than 10cm and seabed penetration is up to 20 meters, depending on sediment type and noise level. Main applications are in inshore waters and coastal areas.

  • INNOMAR Technologie GmbH Innomar SES-2000 autonomous
INNOMAR Technologie GmbH
Schutower Ringstr. 4
18069 Rostock


Innomar's parametric sub-bottom profilers are often used in shallow and extremely shallow waters with limited access for vessels and boats. To support such surveys Innomar offers a remotely operated surface vehicle pre-configured with the Innomar SES-2000 smart SBP. This vehicle can be used to survey a pre-defined area automatically or to work in protected areas like drinking-water reservoirs. It is also possible to integrate third-party equipment, such as ADCP, MBES or sidescan sonars.

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