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Seafloor Systems, Inc. EchoBoat-160™

EchoBoat-160 USV/ASV

The EchoBoat-160™ USV is a purpose-built remote survey platform for hydrographic data collection. With true one-button startup, the nimble vessel accomplishes the same results demanded of large, crewed boats more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost.
Like its renowned predecessors, the fifth generation EchoBoat-160™ integrates professional-grade sensor suites in a compact package to navigate challenging bodies of water by remote control or autonomous wayfinding.

  • Seafloor Systems, Inc. EchoBoat-160™
Seafloor Systems, Inc.
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The EchoBoat™ is an unmanned surface vehicle developed for hydrographic survey applications. This is a highly portable survey platform featuring multi-payload capacity, both manual andautonomous control, and swapable sensor suites. While underway, the vehicle can be monitored within line-of-sight range, with over the horizon monitoring possible when running additional hardware. All data is stored via an onboard PC with a direct cable connection. Full equipment contol and data QA/QC is accomplished with a remote data link. Switching from autonomous to remote control on the survey boat is easy using a long range remote control unit (RCU) that offers up to 2km range, with a survey endurance of over eight hours on a single battery bank. For professional hydrographic survey requirements, the EchoBoat-160™ may be tailored to individual customer requirements. The boat may be purchased with the desired depth sounder pre-installed, or supplied ready to accept existing equipment from the user’s survey pool. Similarly, customized cabling can be included allowing the boat to accept existing GPS, GNSS and RTK positioning systems. For a turnkey survey-grade system, the EchoBoat-160™ can be outfitted with singlebeam, multibeam and side scan sonar systems. The EchoBoat™ is compatible with hydrographic data acquisition software such as Hypack, PDS2000, EIVA and QINSy.

Key Features include:

  • Improved easy access lid: Equipment stays watertight, sensor swaps are simple.
  • New aluminium internal mounting deck: Reduced weight, mounts multibeam sonar systems.
  • One button startup and a single battery pack. Unload, start surveying.
  • Next Generation AutoNav™ system. Hands-free wayfinding and survey repeatability.
  • Long-range communications antenna and forward-looking camera come standard.
  • Streamlined battery bank with quick access. Fewer batteries, intuitive charging.
  • Taller, more rigid mast. Heightened remote range, more precise readings.
  • More handle locations for carrying the USV. Two people, unlimited launch possibilities
  • Compatible with EchoCart and Launch And Recovery System (LARS).
  • Available integrated SmartCast winch system. Deploy sensors remotely.
  • Customizable bulkhead connections. Mount the ancillary equipment you need for your job.



  • Length [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Min. weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]
  • Portable
  • Number of thrusters
  • Launch and Recovery System
  • Max. speed [kn]
  • Max. Remote Operating Range {m}

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