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Imagenex dt 101 with Hemisphere V320

Complete multibeam system ready for survey

Multibeam echosounder Imagenex DT101 with GNSS navigational antenna Hemisphere V320. Highly portable and easy to setup system. Perfect for dredging and bathymetric surveying (Samples of data can be sent upon request). The instruments are in excellent condition and they are ready to work out of the box, you just need a mount and the laptop with proper software on it. The system is relatively easy to use and quickly deployable and scalable (easily fitted to a variety of platforms).

  • Imagenex dt 101 with Hemisphere V320
Terestrika d.o.o.
21000 Split


Package includes:

- Imagenex DT101 Multibeam profiling sonar with internally integrated motion reference unit (Teledyn MiniSense3) & sound velocity sensor (AML)

- Imagenex SIR Box (Sensor Interface Relay) for PPS time stamped connectivity of sonar, IMU, SVS, GNSS, HDT

- Hemisphere V320 Smart Antenna (10 Hz, mFreq, mGNSS, RTK, Atlas compatible)

  +  V320 Serial Cable terminated for SIR Box

-  2x Pelican Transport 1620 Storm Cases

- Mounting pole 

Upon request we can send more pics and sample data.


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