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Beringia Enterprises DiveNET: GPS

Rapidly Deployable Floating Long Baseline Acoustic GPS

Portable and rapidly deployable wide-area acoustic GPS system.
Inverted (floating) long baseline (LBL) system consisting of 4 light-weight Acoustic GPS Buoys (AGB) as base stations.
Unlimited number of passive Acoustic GPS Receivers (AGR) in standalone or diver configurations including a Diver Navigation Set providing Waypoint navigation and Mark point entry.
Sub-meter precision.
GPS emulation output at 1 Hz and open interface protocol for easy hardware integration.

  • Beringia Enterprises DiveNET: GPS
Beringia Enterprises
700 Lavaca St STE 1401
78701 Austin
United States
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DiveNET: GPS is a portable, self-contained and rapidly deployable wireless wide-area underwater GPS navigation system. DiveNET: GPS provides absolute 3D coordinate sub-meter positioning for an unlimited number of divers and submersible vehicles in a coverage area over 2,000 m in diameter.

​DiveNET: GPS employs four handheld, positively buoyant Acoustic GPS Buoys (AGB) deployed roughly around a dive site to emulate the function of GNSS satellites on the water surface. Equipped with a high rate GNSS receiver, each  AGB sequentially emits own coordinate position at a rate of 1 Hz, providing a 1/sec update rate below the surface. Weighting under 10 lbs each, the AGBs are designed to be easily anchored, weighed down or moored in position.

​DiveNET: GPS features a passive, compact and low power demand Acoustic GPS Receiver (AGR), suitable for integration with either a DiveNET: GPS Diver Navigation Display personal navigation device or a submersible vehicle of practically any form factor.

The Acoustic GPS Receiver is a compact, integrated device coupling advanced signal reception capability with a position computer and water depth/temperature meter. The AGR unit is integration ready with native Serial/USB/Bluetooth connectivity and GPS emulation output providing sub-meter positioning accuracy.

DiveNET: GPS Diver Navigation Display is a personal GPS navigation device integrated with DiveNET: GPS AGR. The device can be worn on the arm or installed on a diver's navigation board with compass. DiveNET: GPS Diver Navigator supports 20 programmable Waypoints, 20 Mark points (POI), dive track download in KML/GPX format, wireless charging and Bluetooth PC connectivity.

​DiveNET: GPS is designed for robust, straight forward operation in real world conditions, requiring minimal configuration and maintenance. The system is supplied with utility software and includes wireless charging, dive track export in KML/GPX format, and Bluetooth PC connectivity.

DiveNET: GPS is depth rated to 140-300 m.


  • Date of first release
  • Mounting
  • Diameter [mm]
  • Height [m]
  • Min. external power [Voltage]
  • Max power consumption [W]
  • Type of system
    Portable floating/inverted LBL using four autonomous smart buoys (ASB) to create a coverage perimeter for an unlimited number of passive subsea acoustic receivers generating sub-meter GPS emulation output.
  • Frequency {kHz}
  • Min. operation range {m}
  • Max. operation range {m}
  • Multi user functionality
  • LBL-functionality
  • Compatible hardware
    UART 9600; NMEA 0183 PTNT; GGA, RMC, MTW
  • Compatible software
    Windows; KML/GPX track export
  • Type
    Moored buoy
  • Dimensions {mm}
    597 x 146
  • Dry weight {kg}
  • Additional functions
    Four portable, weighed (moored) buoys emit own GPS coordinates sequentially 1/sec; 24 hour battery endurance.
  • Distinguishable features
    Passive navigation receiver with integrated depth/temperature sensor providing absolute 3D position; 1 Hz update rate; WGS-84 coordinates. Nominal 2D precision (2DRMS): 0.84 m; nominal depth precision: 0.1 m; power consumption: 5V, 70 mA.

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