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DiveNET Subsea Wireless DiveNET: Commander

Advanced USBL Multi-Target Positioning and Navigation

DiveNET: Commander is a scalable and multi-functional ultra-short baseline (USBL) multi-target positioning and navigation system.
Highly compact and streamlined in operation, the Master Transceiver (MAST) base station antenna supports communication with up to 23 Subsea Responder-Beacons (SRB).
Mutual Navigation technology providing positioning at the base station and azimuth with range at the SRB.
32 MAST-SRB code commands.
8000 m range, up to 1000 m depth.
Surface GNSS interoperability.

  • DiveNET Subsea Wireless DiveNET: Commander
DiveNET Subsea Wireless
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DiveNET: Commander features a compact base station antenna supporting communication with up to 23 target responder-beacons operating autonomously or integrated into their carrier systems. Commander provides a maximum range of up to 8000 m, depth of 1000 m, and interoperability with surface GNSS systems for additional functionality, including absolute coordinate positioning with track recording.

DiveNET: Commander employs a single, compact and rigidly mounted Master Transceiver (MAST) antenna supporting up to 23 Subsea Responder-Beacons (SRB).

DiveNET: Commander SRB is a common subsurface component providing autonomous diver and submersible vehicle tracking or tracking with mutual data transmission and remote command for integrated applications. DiveNET: Commander SRB supports up to 32 programmable code commands and is integration-ready over UART-9600 and NMEA-0183 interfacing.

DiveNET: Commander includes native support for surface GNSS to enable the absolute coordinate generation and dive track recording with export to KML/GPX format.‚Äč

DiveNET: Commander provides 8,000 m of effective range, up to 1,000 m of depth and shallow water reliability.

DiveNET: Commander is designed for effective, robust operation under real-world conditions, requiring minimal configuration and maintenance. The system is supplied with dedicated, open-source code operating software.


  • Date of first release
  • Mounting
    Hull mounted & Portable
  • Retractable
  • Diameter [mm]
  • Height [m]
  • Min. external power [Voltage]
  • Max. external power [Voltage]
  • Max power consumption [W]
  • Type of system
    Fixed wavelength signal with code division for up to 23 responders
  • Frequency {kHz}
    6-18 kHz
  • Max. operation range {m}
  • Operation beam angle {deg}
  • Number of active elements
  • Number of transponder channels
  • Multi user functionality
  • LBL-functionality
  • Motion sensors compatible to the system:
    Integrated MEMS AHRS
  • Compatible hardware
    Surface GNSS and magnetic compass via UART 9600; NMEA 0183
  • Compatible software
    Windows compatible open source control software, KML/GPX track export (Google Earth, SAS.Planet, Hypack, etc.)
  • Real-time access procedure
    Windows USB with conversion to UART 9600 (RS-232/422)
  • Dimensions {mm}
  • Dry weight {kg}
  • Depth rating {m}
    300 (standard), 1000 (OEM)
  • Additional functions
    Standalone relative bearing tracking or vehicle integration for 32 remote commands and telemetry transmission
  • Recommended distance below keel {m}
  • Distinguishable features
    Optional absolute coordinate tracking with surface GNSS interface, track recording+export; Mutual navigation: determination of range by both base station and transponder, transmission of azimuth from base station to transponder

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