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Oktopus GmbH Lithium deepsea batteries (size L)

Three voltages, high current and safe use

Available in 12, 24 an 48 V configurations with continous discharge currents of 100 A, even at low temperatures. Both the LiFePO4 cell chemistry and the Oktopus service ports make our batteries particularly safe to use. Operating depths up to 1,000 m, 3,000 m or 6,000 m.

  • Oktopus GmbH Lithium deepsea batteries (size L)
Oktopus GmbH
Wischhofstr. 1-3, G.13


Due to their LiFePO4 cell chemistry, the cells used not only offer a high level of safety in use, but also demonstrate a long service life. On the one hand, our batteries are designed to be able to supply the specified discharge current of 100 A permanently. On the other hand, they are also optimized to be able to deliver the specified discharge current at temperatures around zero.

All our lithium-based accumulators have integrated BMS systems that protect the cells against over- and undertemperature, over- and undervoltage, and overload. Likewise, a balancer system is built in, which ensures the longest possible battery life.

The charging port is accessible via the built-in octopus service port and guarantees that the pressure housing is vented during charging. At the same time 
it is possible to see if there is overpressure inside the battery when the service port is opened. Any overpressure that may be present can be compensated for in a controlled manner via the service port. This minimizes the risk of personal injury when handling the batteries.

We will be pleased to send you data sheets and further information on request.

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