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RTsys 4-Input Underwater Acoustic Recorder RESEA

Underwater Noise Monitoring at its best

RESEA is a compact embedded recorder able to acquire up to 4 broadband hydrophones simultaneously, offering:

- Multichannel: up to 4 hydrophones inputs
- Broadband: from 3 Hz to over 500 kHz and dynamic range > 100 dB
- Wide dynamic: 24 bits recording
- Versatile: towed and autonomous modes
- Downloading speed: 7 MB/s

  • RTsys 4-Input Underwater Acoustic Recorder RESEA
ZA de Kerloic - Rue Jean-Noël Jégo
56850 Caudan
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4 Synchronized recording channels

Channels are electronically synchronized and calibrated at + / - 0.1 dB. Gains are electronically configurable on each channel between - 10 dB and +24 dB. High pass filters are also configurable. Hydrophones are easily plugged in and out from the RESEA recorder.

Broadband high data quality

Eight recording frequencies going from 39 kHz to 1000 kHz are selectable. The RESEA can thus monitor noises and a frequency bandwidth going from, 3 Hz to more than 500 kHz guaranteeing great dynamic and Signal to Noise Ratio (> 100 dB). This high SNR allows recording to strong and low level noise simultaneously. Raw data are collected in 24 bits and stored in .wav standard format directly compatible with processing software such as ©Matlab, ©LabVIEW and ©PAMguard. RESEA recorders are equipped with DSP running Linux allowing integration of real-time data processing.

Towed and autonomous modes

Light and compact, RESEA can be easily deployed by a single person. In autonomous mode the recorder is programmed via a software application and then left into the water. After the mission the RESEA is recovered and data is downloaded by Ethernet. In towed mode RESEA is directly connected to a computer through Ethernet connection. The user can thus monitor the missions and access the data in real-time.

Easy to use

The web browser interface gives intuitive access to configuration of the recorder and to the recorded files.


  • Field of Use
    Bioacoustics; Offshore
  • Year of latest version
  • Area of Application
    Oceans and shallow waters
  • Operating current
    6 D-Size Li-SOCl2 Battery or Alkaline or cable with power supply
  • Operating time with internal power supply [hr]
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Weight in water [kg]
  • Width [m]
  • Length [m]
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Min. Operating frequency [kHz]
  • Max. Operating frequency [kHz]
  • Cables

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