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Underwater Acoustic Modems

Underwater Acoustic Modems are used in subsea applications to transmit data wirelessly through water. Wireless data transfer offers significant cost savings over expensive underwater cabling for small projects. Underwater Acoustic Modems are used for applications such as communications with and positioning of AUVs or ROVs.

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DiveNET: Sealink/Microlink
DiveNET: Sealink/Microlink

Beringia Enterprises

• Range up to 8,000 m
• Compact form factor, low power demand
• Open configuration protocol
• Subsea sensor networking
• Reliable shallow water performance
• In

Low-Power underwater acoustic recorders SYLENCE-LP
Low-Power underwater acoustic recorders SYLENCE-LP


SYLENCE-LP is a low-power underwater acoustic recorder allowing scientists and offshore consultants monitor marine mamals through accurate and long-term PAM.


S2C T 18/34
S2C T 18/34


The S2C T “tiny” modems are the new generation light and ultra-compact form factor that represents a size reduction of almost 20% compared to our M-series mini-modem

Ultra Compact Modem (UCM)
Ultra Compact Modem (UCM)

Teledyne Marine

Sized at just 60 x 50 mm, and weighing in at 55 g, the OEM version of the UCM is the smallest acoustic modem ever designed by Teledyne Benthos. The UCM is ideally su

Modem M64
Modem M64

Water Linked

The Modem M64 is a two-way half-duplex 64bps acoustic modem with a robust and user-configurable data link.

The M64 sets a new market standard with its record-brea

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