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Subnero Pte Ltd Subnero Underwater Modems

Software-define wireless networking solution

Because of their software-defined nature, our underwater modems provide a flexible platform for a variety of underwater networks and applications, with substantial computing power packed into a compact form factor.

  • Subnero Pte Ltd Subnero Underwater Modems
Subnero Pte Ltd
21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
119613 Singapore


  • Field of Use
    Underwater communication
  • Year of latest version
  • Transducer beam shape
  • Acoustics date rate
    Up to 15 kbps (depending on channel condition)
  • Maximum range (sea/fresh water)
    3 to 5 km (nominal depending on channel conditions)
  • Depth rating {m}
    100 or 2000 m depending on model and configuration
  • Cables
    25m, 5m , or 1 m depending on the model and configuration
  • Additional capabilities
    Arbitary waveform transmission and reception
  • Data storage
    32 GB

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