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3D TARGET Scanfly XT

The payload lidar not only for UAS. Increase the longitudinal resolution at higher speed. A perfect fit for land vehicle installation. Recommended AGL up to 85 m.

Scanfly XT delivers extremely resolute and definite point clouds, making it the ideal choice for mapping at longer ranges and higher speed.

  • 3D TARGET Scanfly XT
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Scanfly - the payload lidar not only for UAS

Scanfly is the perfect solution to adopt the laser scanner technology in the emerging UAV market, with a device that can be easily mounted in any other terrestrial or marine vehicle, and even in a backpack.

Scanfly has been designed to simplify the user experience, without any compromise in the measuring performance. Every detail, from the component selection to the graphical user interface, has been inspired by this philosophy.

The Scanfly advantages:

  • Intuitive Web Application – can be accessed with any tablet, smartphone, laptop PC.
  • Dual antenna, dual receiver architecture – allows for a fast initialization in the field.
  • Integrated processing method – from field survey data to 3D point cloud in minutes with SmartProcessing Lidar.
  • Quality check – always keep all the parameters in control.
  • Unique tiltable Lidar head design – set the angle for the best 3D rendition of the environment.
  • Multi I/O Integration cable – add RGB, multispectral, thermal cameras. Possibility to synchronize different sensors.
  • Lightweight and compact – compatible with the most part of UAV’s in the market today.
  • Ingress Protection – IP 55 for demanding environments.
  • Multiple vehicle integration – quick release system to quickly switch between different vehicles (car, backpack, UAV).
  • Software package – Post-processing tools included.
  • Price against the competitors – Get more for less!


  • Year of introduction
  • Height [cm]
  • Length [cm]
  • Width [cm]
  • Weight [kg]
  • Water and dust proof
    IP 55
  • Power consumption
    < 40 W
  • Power requirements
    12-24 VDC
  • Laser Class
  • Max. range of laser pulse [m]
  • Range accuracy [mm]
  • Scanning Speed [measurements p second]
  • Number of GNSS positioning sensors
  • Type of GNSS positioning sensors
    Dual Topcon B111 receiver (GPS, Glonass, PPK, RTK)
  • Typical positioning accuracy [cm]
  • Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured
  • Type of INS or IMU
    OxTS xOEM 550
  • Mounting
    Quick release adapter included
  • Camera included
    Yes, Optional
  • Camera specifications
    RGB global shutter camera (5-12 Mpx) or external mirrorless camera
  • Control and user interface
    Embedded WebApp
  • Type of storage
  • Max. storage space [mb]
  • Included software
    SmartProcessing Lidar

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