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Routescene Routescene LiDAR Ground Control Targets

Ground Control Targets

Improve UAV LiDAR survey accuracy with Routescene Ground Control Targets
- Achieve quantifiable results
- Prove the specified level of accuracy is achieved

  • Routescene Routescene LiDAR Ground Control Targets
17B Graham Street
EH6 5QN Edinburgh


The Routescene team have developed these targets specically for UAV LiDAR surveys. 

  • Covered in a highly retro-reflective materials, to gain high intensity returns, to be easily seen in the point cloud. 
  • Raised from the ground using a tripod so the returns can be easily removed from the point cloud
  • Build in bubble level for easy levelling
  • Robust and stays in place in windy conditions 
  • Comes with protective bag that holds 4 targets


  • Year of last update
  • Year of introduction
  • Width [cm]
  • Weight [kg]
  • Water and dust proof
  • Main applications
    UAV LiDAR surveys

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