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CHC Navigation | CHCNAV AlphaUni 300 UAS Lidar System

Mobile Mapping Solution

The AlphaUni 300 by CHCNAV is the most flexible and accurate Lidar solution with RIEGL's miniVUX UAV family scanners onboard.

  • CHC Navigation | CHCNAV AlphaUni 300 UAS Lidar System
CHC Navigation | CHCNAV
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AlphaUni 300, belonging to our Alpha Mobile Mapping series, is a multi-platform LiDAR system that has been designed and improved by CHCNAV based on many years of research and data capture experience.

AlphaUni 300 is a fully integrated system with a high-precision laser scanner featuring Riegl's unique Waveform-LiDAR technology and a high-accuracy inertial navigation system, ready for demanding surveying missions in the air and on the ground, requiring the highest data quality.

Key features

  • ONE OF THE LIGHTEST UNIT IN ITS CLASS: 2.1 kg total weight 

       LiDAR weight is a constraint for any drone. The drone needs to lift the entire payload, if not, no data acquisition is possible! The lighter the unit, the higher the productivity, because your UAV can fly longer.

  • HIGH DATA QUALITY: Integrated premium scanners 

       Users can select either the miniVUX-1 or miniVUX-2 UAV for higher data density. Equipped with industry-leading GNSS and IMU sensors, the AlphaUni300 provides the best combination of point cloud density, precision and survey-grade accuracy.

  • INTELLIGENT FLEXIBILITY: Support multiple platforms installation

       Within 5 minutes, the AlphaUni 300 can be mounted on various platforms, including different models of UAVs, fixed-wing and multi-rotor VTOLs UAS, vehicles, backpacks, USVs and boats, enabling data collection in the most challenging environments.

  • EXTREME PRODUCTIVITY: Long range UHF modem onboard

      Equipped with a unique 8 km UHF data transmission, the parameters of AlphaUni 300 can be set remotely. The operating status of the system can be observed wirelessly in real time, reducing mission preparation time and improving operational efficiency.



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