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LiDAR 200 LITE + DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Enterprise ready-to-fly solution with TOPODRONE LIDAR 200 LITE

Enterprise ready-to-fly solution with TOPODRONE Lidar 200 LITE kit based on DJI Matrice 300, Velodyne Puck sensor, high-precision IMU and L1/L2 GNSS receiver.

  • LiDAR 200 LITE + DJI Matrice 300 RTK
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1820 Montreux
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Inside the box

  • TOPODRONE DJI Matrice 300 + LIDAR 200 ULTRA with integrated Velodyne Ultra sensor, high-precision IMU, L1/L2 GNSS receiver and helix antenna
  • Video instructions and data processing tutorials.

Advantages of TOPODRONE solutions

  • Survey flight can be prepared in any mission planning software (GS Pro, MapPilot, UgCS etc) and performed in automatic mode. You don’t need to have professional pilot skills.
  • High precision orthomosaics or 3D model can be created without using GCPs. You no longer have to lay down GCPs or just minimize their number, saving countless hours and labor costs.
  • Survey grade L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo GNSS receiver is integrated with professional calibrated camera without any changes in side of the drone saving the manufacturer warranty.
  • Professional Helix type antenna provides high quality signal with low level of noise.
  • Position of the antenna under the center of camera and correction of the antenna tilt with using of IMU data insure better accuracy during photogrammetry processing.
  • The lightweight upgrade kit and removable antenna mount allows carrying your drone in a standard DJI case. It has a small weight and dimensions, is produced in large amounts on the factory in accordance with high quality Swiss standards.
  • You can use Metashape or Pix4Dmapper, etc. software are turn your images into highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models without ground control points (GCP).


  • Product Name
    LiDAR 100 LITE + DJI Matrice 300 RTK
  • Product manual
  • Year of last update
  • Platform
  • Brand
  • Max. stay in the air [min]
  • Maximum rate of ascent
    S mode: 6 m/s; P mode:5 m/s
  • Maxirum rate of descent
    S mode: 5 m/s; P mode:4 m/s
  • Weight (with cooling fan)
    pprox. 3.6 kg (without batteries); Approx. 6.3 kg (with two TB60 batteries)
  • Transport on human back
  • Min. operation temperature [°C]
  • Type of GNSS receiver and captured signals
  • Correction services [PPK, RTK]
  • Positioning Accuracy
    When RTK enabled and fixed: 1 cm+1 ppm (Horizontal) 1.5 cm + 1 ppm (Vertical)
  • Onboard imaging/scanning devices
  • Type of software included
  • Automatically Generated Products
    Point Clouds, 3D Landscape Models, Orthomosaics
  • Flight planning software
    GS Pro, MapPilot, UgCS etc
  • Point cloud processing software
    Metashape or Pix4Dmapper, etc
  • Transportation accessories
    Carry case
  • Included batteries and charger
  • capacity
    5935 mAh
  • energy
    274 Wh
  • Battery type
    LiPo 12S
  • charging time
    Using BS60 Intelligent Battery Station: 220V input: 60 minutes (fully charging two TB60 batteries), 30 minutes (charging two TB60 batteries from 20% to 90%); 110V input: 70 minutes (fully charging two TB60 batteries), 40 minutes (charging two TB60 batteries from 20% to 90%)

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