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GEOSCAN Geoscan Lite

Light the way of your survey

Geoscan Lite is professional automatic aerial survey system, requiring no piloting skills. Geoscan Lite will help you simplify and optimize workflows that require up-to-date spatial data.
Flight time 60 min.
Coverage per flight 9 km2
Best value for money.

  • GEOSCAN Geoscan Lite
26А, Shatelena str.
194021 Saint-Petersburg



                  Flight time 60 min. 

Survey area

                  Coverage per flight up to 9 km2


Technical Specifications

Launch/Landing                                   Catapult / parachute,

in automated mode

Take-off preparation                                        10 min

Engine                                                                     electric

Flight time                                                       Up to 1 hour

Wingspan                                                                1,3 m

Wind resistance                                                   12 m/s

Flight speed                                                    64-130 km/h

Weight                                                                     3,1 kg

Maximal flight distance                                    60 km

Area coverage per 1 flight                           3 - 8 km2

Minimal safe altitude                                         100 m

Maximal flight altitude                                    4000 m

Operating temperatures                     from -20 to +40°С

(extended range -40 to +50°С)

Equipment List

- Geoscan 101 Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

- Modernized Sony A6000 (24 Mpix, lens 35 mm, full-frame sensor, central shutter)

- Ground control station: laptop with flight software and charger

- 1 AP battery with protection system

- Spare parts and instruments

- Digital communication channel for control and telemetry

- Portable catapult in a case

- Protected transportation case for UAV

- Professional training in St. Petersburg


  • Year of last update
  • Typical applications
    Urban development; Construction;
  • Product Name
    Geoscan Lite
  • Brand
  • Max. stay in the air [min]
  • Max. speed [km/h]
  • Max. height above sea level [m]
  • ø / wingspan [cm]
  • Weight [kg]
  • Min. operation temperature [°C]
  • Max. operation temperature [°C]
  • Max. wind speed [m/sec]
  • Launching method
    catapult, automated mode
  • Automatic launch and landing
  • Onboard imaging/scanning devices
  • Type of Camera
    Modernized Sony A6000
  • Type of software included
    Flight planning
  • Automatically Generated Products
  • Flight planning software
    Geoscan Planner
  • Photogrammetric software
    Agisoft Metashape (to be purchased additionally)
  • Point could processing software
    Agisoft Metashape (to be purchased additionally)
  • Additional information on software or automatically generated products
    Sputnik GIS (to be purshased additionally)
  • Transportation accessories
    UAV Transportation case
  • Included batteries and charger
    1 battery with charging station

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