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MetaSensing Electronic Corner Reflector - ECR-C

Electronic Corner Reflector C-band

The MetaSensing Electronic Corner Reflector - C band (ECR-C) is a compact active transponder developed for the end-users of satellite-borne C-band Synthetic Aperture Radars.

  • MetaSensing Electronic Corner Reflector - ECR-C
Huygensstraat 44
2201DK Noordwijk


ECR-C is a user-deployed permanent scatterer designed to receive a weak signal from a satellite radar, amplify and filter this signal, and transmit it back to the satellite. This allows for very precise measurements of location and relative displacement, invaluable for satellite-based Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) measurements.

The user is required to provide the time and duration of satellite overpasses, which can be uploaded to the ECR-C with a user-friendly control software over USB connection. The ECR-C is designed to have an active amplification mode while a satellite is passing overhead, and a sleep mode while waiting for a satellite to pass over.


  • Main applications
    Satellite DInSAR - Differential Interferometric SAR
  • Field of Use

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