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Transducers (Acoustic)

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Simrad 38-7
Simrad 38-7

Kongsberg Maritime

The 38-7 is a large, single-beam transducer incorporating 88 Tonpilz elements. It has a relatively narrow beam with substantial range capability.

YOEC Group Fiber Optic Transducer
Fibre Optic Current Transducer

Yangtze Optical Electronics Co., Ltd

Optical current sensors offer more accuracy and bandwidth over a wide dynamic range than conventional current transformers. Optical current sensors that employ the F

CS229 Low Frequency Cast Steel Transducer
CS229 Low-Frequency Cast Steel Transducer

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The high-strength, cast-steel CS229 transducer stands up to extreme, harsh environments, including ice filled water.

Simrad 50/200 Combi D
Simrad 50/200 Combi D

Kongsberg Maritime

The Simrad 50/200 Combi D transducer combines two transducers and one temperature sensor in a single housing. It is designed with a streamlined shape for hull mounti

M74 Low Frequency Transducers
M74 Low-Frequency Marine Transducer

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The M74 is a low-frequency (12 kHz or 15 kHz options) underwater transducer with ceramic arrays that provide exceptional deep-water performance for survey echosoundi

Kongsberg Simrad ES38-18/200-18CR  Acoustic Transducers- Compare with Similar Products on
Simrad ES38-18/200-18CR

Kongsberg Maritime

The Simrad ES38-18/200-18CR contains a 38 kHz split-beam transducer as well as a 200 kHz single beam transducer. Both offer 18 degrees beamwidth at their nominal ope

Kongsberg SIMRAD ES38-10 Acoustic Transducers- Compare with Similar Products on

Kongsberg Maritime

The Simrad ES38-10 comprises a total of 48 "Tonpilz" elements organized in three sectors.

The transducer is normally mounted flush with the hull plating. By means

Kongsberg  Simrad ES80 Acoustic Transducers -  Compare with Similar Products on
Simrad ES80

Kongsberg Maritime

The latest innovations in computer and signal processing technology are used to create a sophisticated, but also intuitive, echo sounder.

Kongsberg  Simrad ES38DD Acoustic Transducers- Compare with Similar Products on
Simrad ES38DD

Kongsberg Maritime

The Simrad ES38DD uses 88 "tonpilz" elements distributed over four quadrants. It is filled with a liquid, and this enables use down to 1500 metres depth. This makes

SS134 Side Scan Transducer 340kHz or 500kHz
SS134 Side-Scan Transducer 340 kHz or 500 kHz

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

The SS134 small side-scan transducer with 0.5°x48° beamwidth has been designed to meet the needs of oceanographic applications, such as surveying and detailed, high-

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