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Topcon GTL-1000

Versatile and powerful scanning robotic total station

The GTL-1000 is a single instrument to layout and scan on a single set up. It combines a fast laser scanner and total robotic station all in one efficient system.

Combined with ClearEdge3D Verity, the all new solution offers a new standard of evolutionary construction verification workflows.

Quick layout and scanning with a single instrument
Instantaneous point cloud registration
Full dome scan and images in seconds
Scan density tailored to minimize software processing time

  • Topcon GTL-1000
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Construction Verification. Every Day.

• Quick layout and scanning with a single instrument

• Instantaneous point registration on hardware

• Proven integrated robotic total station design

• Full dome field-of-view scan and images in seconds

• Tailored scan density to minimize software processing time for construction verification


The Ultimate Total Station:

• UltraSonic Direct Drive motors

• 30% smaller and lighter than any previous Topcon robotic

• TSshield™ global service

• Advanced UltraTrac technology

• 3-year instrument warranty

• 5-year motor warranty

• Available in two models

The GT Series of robotic total stations is a compact, high-performance solution. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long-range reflectorless measurements, and performance as a hybrid positioning solution.


UltraSonic technology is the driving force for the GT Series. The UltraSonic motors are the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful on the market – providing you with the smoothest and most accurate prism-tracking possible. It’s a difference you can see and hear immediately

Ultra-accurate Our new UltraTrac technology gives you increased prism-tracking strength in all conditions. Advanced instrument algorithms deliver the confidence you need to move ahead. It’s not that you lose line-of-sight, it’s how fast you can reacquire and get back to work.

Ultra-slim and reliable

Featuring a remarkably slimmed down design, the compact system is a third smaller and lighter than any Topcon robotic instrument, yet twice as fast. Without traditional gears or wearing parts, the UltraSonic motors are more rugged and durable – lasting four times longer than previous total stations, and we back it with a five-year warranty.

UltraSonic Motor

Experience power like you’ve never seen or heard before

• Long-lasting gearless design

• Turning speed of 180° per second

• Compact motor efficiency

Fastest robotic motor technology available.30% smaller and lighter


  • Area of Application
    GTL-1000 is perfect for: Construction layout & verification in: Mechanical / plumbing Layout & survey structural steel Structural concrete Plant / equipment installation Prefabricated / modular Topography & As-Built BIM for Construction Foundation and Exterior Interiors Vertical Construction
  • Display Panel
    Color touch TFT 800 x 480 display `
  • Compensation
    Liquid 2-axis tilt sensor
  • Prism EDM Range [m]
  • Prism EDM Accuracy [mm]
    1 mm + 2 ppm
  • Measuring Time [s]
    Fine: 0.9 sec, Rapid: 0.6 sec, Tracking: 0.4 sec
  • Non-Prism Range [m]
    1,000 m
  • Non-Prism Accuracy [mm]
    2 mm + 2 ppm (0.3 - 200 m)
  • Maximum angular speed [deg/s]
  • Max. operation time on one battery [hr]
  • Minimum working temperature [degC]
  • Maximum working temperature [degC]
  • IP dust/water protection class [IPxx]
  • Standard warranty [years]
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • RS232
  • Other connectors or connector specifications
    LongLink™ interference-free communication. USB 2.0 Slot (Host + Slave). RS-232C Serial. Wireless Connection Bluetooth® Class 1

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