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Telops MS-IR

The MS-IR infrared cameras are equipped with an 8-position fast-rotating filter wheel, which allows the scene signal to be split into different spectral bands rather than one broadband image, thus enabling spectral signature analysis. The filter wheel mechanism is designed to maximize the cameras’ frame rate and can be used in either fixed or rotating mode. Rotating speed is adjustable up to 100 Hz per filter, thus allowing a frame rate up to 800 fps in synchronised mode.

  • Telops MS-IR
100 - 2600 St-Jean-Baptiste Avenue
G2E 6J5 Québec
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  • Type
    Multispectral imaging
  • Weight [kg]
  • Numer of spectral channels
  • Image resolution
    640 x 5121280 x 1024
  • Training facilities
  • Distinguishable features:
    High-speed 8-band multispectral cameras offering up to 800 frames per second.

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