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Telops Hyper-Cam Mini xLW

With Its Small Size, Weight and Power (Low SWap), the New Hyper-Cam Mini xLW Can Be Utilized in Harsh Conditions and Hard-To-Reach Locations to Facilitate High-Quality Infrared Spectral Imaging Measurements and Ground-Breaking Science

Remote field work just became a lot less complicated! The Hyper-Cam Mini xLW is sensitive over an expanded spectral range extending from 7.4 to 12.5 microns, allowing for the measurement of important gas and mineral targets previously out of reach.

  • Telops Hyper-Cam Mini xLW
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Telops introduces the Hyper-Cam Mini xLW:  compact hyperspectral imaging for ground applications.

The renowned Telops Hyper-Cam has been optimized to meet the requirements of modern remote sensing with transportability and lower power consumption in mind. With its small Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), the new Hyper-Cam Mini xLW – LW standing for Long Wave – can be utilized in harsh conditions and hard-to-reach locations to facilitate high-quality infrared spectral imaging measurements and ground-breaking science. Remote field work just became a lot less difficult!

The combination of the low-weight sensor head (8.2 kg) and the compact control and processing box (3.8 kg) makes the Hyper-Cam xLW easy to transport and deploy. Its low power consumption supports field use with an optional hot-swappable battery pack, enabling reliable and sustainable operation over long-duration test campaigns without access to reliable shore power. The sensor command and control software can be operated by a remote laptop computer via Wi-Fi interface, allowing for safe operation during potentially hazardous experiments.

The Hyper-Cam Mini xLW is sensitive over an expanded spectral range extending from 7.4 to 12.5 microns, allowing the measurement of important gas and mineral targets previously out of reach. “The wide spectral range of the new Hyper-Cam Mini xLW enables the measurement of several different types of targets that previously had undetectable signatures in the infrared due to the limited waveband of the regular Hyper-Cams,” explains Philippe Lagueux, Scientific Product Line Manager at Telops. Many environmentally-relevant gases can now be measured using a single sensor platform, including methane, NOx, SOx, and more.

Innovation is more than a buzzword at Telops; it’s something that guides the everyday operations of the entire company. “Developing a smaller, lighter and more efficient system that enables even more applications is a really exciting landmark in the history of Telops. It took years to miniaturize our flagship product to reach such a compact system with no compromise to the performance,” says Lagueux.

The original Hyper-Cam bequeaths an outstanding legacy; its capabilities and performances in many scientific settings over the last 20 years have repeatedly established Telops expertise in hyperspectral detection and identification. The Hyper-Cam Mini xLW now promises a true revolution in the commercial availability of performance infrared imaging spectroradiometer, enabling the scientific community to make the most challenging measurements to address the most important problems of our time.


About Telops

Telops is a leading supplier of hyperspectral imaging systems and high-performance infrared cameras for defence, industrial, and academic research applications. The Telops Hyper-Cam is an advanced thermal hyperspectral imaging system that can come in a ground-based or airborne configuration.

Telops’ line of high-performance scientific infrared cameras includes the multispectral cameras, which offer high-speed spectral signature analysis; the FAST cameras, which offer up to 100 000 frames per second and are optimal for the analysis of dynamic events; and the high-definition infrared cameras, which are ideal for the detection of challenging targets.


  • Type
    Hyperspectral imaging
  • Year of introduction
  • Camera unit Length [m]
  • Camera unit Width [m]
  • Camera unit Height [m]
  • Camera unit Weight [kg]
  • Image resolution
    320 x 256 pixels
  • Field of View Horizontal [deg]
  • Field of View Vertical [deg]
  • Training facilities
  • Main applications
    Methane, NOx, & SOx detection

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