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The New Geo-matching Website

In the last 4 years, we have worked very hard on developing Geo-matching. Each year, the product platform grew and the platform now features 2,000 products from more than 500 manufacturers. Last year, more than 250.000 professionals have used Geo-matching. An absolute record!
To further improve Geo-matching, the site needed to be completely redesigned with a fresh layout, content structure and some great new features.

Fresh Lay-out, Responsive and User-friendly

It is much easier to navigate through the site. All pages are now also available on mobile devices so that professionals everywhere can visit Geo-matching easily.

Improved Product Pages

The product pages are much more intuitive and you can add more marketing materials (videos, case studies and other marketing materials).

 You can also connect your articles and related products to your product pages to keep visitors engaged.

Tell Your Story – Add Your Case Studies and Articles!

User surveys have shown that Geo-matching users would like to read more case studies and practical articles. We have given special attention to this growing need by introducing a new Insights section. You can add case studies and articles and connect them to your product pages.
By adding you case studies, you can promote the unique projects that have been done with your products!


More Content Promotion Options

On the new Geo-matching website it is possible to become the exclusive sponsor of your category. This means that your product (of choice) will be prominently displayed on the category page, with a call-to-action to visit this product on Geo-matching.

There are also several other options for content promotion, such as promoted products and promoted case studies.

The New Dashboard

In the new dashboard you can update your company profile, add products and case studies to the insights section. You can request a new password with this link and login with this link
If you have any questions about the new website please contact me ([email protected]).