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Carlson Software C-ALS® Gyro

Cavity Auto-scanning Laser System

The Carlson C-ALS (Cavity Auto-scanning Laser System) Gyro is a unique specialist underground laser cavity monitoring system that enables the mapping of previously inaccessible parts of mines, safely and quickly. The C-ALS can be used in a wide range of applications, where an inaccessible void exists and accurate data is required to monitor excavations, assess risk or design solutions.

  • Carlson Software C-ALS® Gyro
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Once deployed, C-ALS gives more detailed, accurate data than alternative technologies, such as ground-penetrating radar, and is the only borehole-deployable laser solution on the market.

  • Plan new projects: Assess risk, design solutions based on accurate underground data, add C-ALS data to your existing maps and devise new programs of work.
  • Transform productivity: With accurate maps of voids, you can design plans, which allow for efficient mining or construction projects.
  • Improve safety: Map inaccessible underground areas to ensure operations keep employees safe.
C-ALS supports successful projects

C-ALS gives you new underground mapping capabilities. You can safely, quickly and reliably scan inaccessible underground workings. Our Carlson Scan software gives you modeling, manipulation and export capabilities. The system enables you to collect the data you need to:

  • Protect worker safety
  • Show compliance
  • Report to project stakeholders in greater detail
  • Cost out planned works accurately
  • Devise more efficient programs of work
  • Progress new projects
  • Design and engineer solutions based on accurate data
  • Minimize disruption, drilling, and disturbance in populated areas
Advantages of C-ALS laser scanning

The unique 50 mm diameter of C-ALS allows access to voids via narrow boreholes, which minimizes scanner deployment time and cost. The 360° spherical coverage provides a full view from a single scan, with no blind spots. In addition, the C-ALS laser scanner also enables you to:

  • Use the remote-control operation to survey potentially dangerous underground voids safely
  • View the results of your scan in minutes, not days
  • Work safe in the knowledge that an IP67 rating gives you the confidence that C-ALS will operate in wet, humid and dusty conditions. It can also withstand submersion to a depth of 1 m, reducing the risk of damage if C-ALS is accidentally deployed into a flooded cavity.


  • Year of introduction
  • Height [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Total Weight [kg]
  • Wavelength [nm]
  • Laser safety classification
    Class 1 Laser Product
  • Min. Range [m]
  • Max. Range [m]
  • Beam divergence [mrad]
  • Water/Dust Protection
  • Operating Time
    Dependent on preference
  • Max. vertical field of view [deg]
  • Max. horizontal field of view [deg]
  • Min. horizontal step size [deg]
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Internal Camera
  • Control panel built in
  • IP Rating
  • Battery type
    External 12-15 V DC and 110-240 V AC
  • Registration/orientation methods
    Deployment from any angle
  • Software name
    Carlson Scan
  • Real time visualization during scanning
  • Geo-referencing

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