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marXact UNI-Cloud & Support

The UNI-Cloud, where everything comes together!

Store all your surveyed data in one place, where it flows through easily. Store, manage and view it whenever and wherever you like. Get remote access to the GNSS receiver, so you can follow your team in the field and download survey work directly. Any questions or need support? included as well! UNI-Cloud & Support, only € 750,- per year.

  • marXact UNI-Cloud & Support
Marathon 3
1213PB Hilversum



Sip your coffee and stay in control

Ready to sip your coffee while you see the work coming in at the office? With user management, device control, profiles, and logs, you are in full control of the work done in the field. The work done (by your team) is automatically synced to the UNI-Cloud. Enabling you to download their work seconds after it’s done, send them points for stake-outs or change the UNI’s settings according to the demands of the specific project. UNI-Cloud & Support, only € 750,- per year. 

Integrate the UNI completely

One of the most interesting functions the UNI-Cloud offers surveyors, is the UNI-Cloud API. With this API, you or your developers can completely integrate the UNI-GR1 into your own software. This means that your team now has the ability to measure directly in the GIS tool they already use. No more endless conversions but directly your results where you want!



Sync the UNI settings to the field!

You create and edit the same profiles in the UNI-Cloud Environment as you do in the UNI-Connect interface. You set up how you want to work while in the office, sync this to the UNI and then leave to the location you need to survey. Set NTRIP settings beforehand, choose if the UNI-GR1 has to be base or rover, configure an NMEA output and store it as a profile, you can make as many profiles as you want!

Work per device, project, or user!

Another user in the field who uses the wrong settings? Or worse, a user that has worked all day with wrong settings? This won’t happen again! With our profiles and profile management, you choose yourself if you want to work per device, per project or per user and design accordingly. Or even a combination of the three, because you choose how you work and the UNI adapts to it!



And review without waiting!

Never waiting again until your surveyor unloads the SD card at your desk and get results faster to your clients! The UNI-GR1 automatically syncs all its logs made in UNI-Connect, to the UNI-Cloud. And since it syncs in real-time, you are able to download them seconds after they are measured. Whether this is a simple list of XYZ points, or a full RINEX log; when your team comes back from the field, the job is really done!

Set-up stake-outs from the office

Last-minute project changes? No need to drive to the field yourself! Just enter a list of points for a stake-out in the UNI-Cloud. Since it syncs to the UNI-GR1 constantly, the team in the field can instantly proceed with these points. No more waste of time.



User tags to load profiles

You don’t want the users in the field to enter the UNI-Connect environment to tweak settings? You don't have to and we've got you covered! Unique in the field of GNSS Receivers, we introduce tags! Simple tags at credit card format which you can link to a specific user. And, if you link profiles containing the UNI’s settings for a specific project or device to this tag, users only need to hold the tag against the UNI-GR1. Settings will load into the device automatically. Ready to allow you to do your job.

No more mistakes

Apart from the tags, the user management in the UNI-Cloud enables you to set access to users according to your workflow. As admin, you can see all UNI’s, all Logs, all Stake-Outs, all profiles, and the users. But the user is only able to see the logs, profiles, UNI’s, Stake-Outs and users linked to him. This ensures that users never open wrong stake-outs, use wrong settings; erase important logs ever again!



RTK Corrections Throughout Europe

The UNI-RTK Premium subscription gives your UNI or other device supporting NTRIP, the RTK corrections it needs to get an accurate fix. With a free data SIM card at a one-year subscription, 2000+ base stations in 30+ countries, we've got your accuracy requirements covered. Do you already have an external subscription? No problem, just type the NTRIP settings in the UNI-Connect software and to use that subscription with your UNI-GR1.

Phone Support

Even though the UNI-GR1 is the most easy to use GNSS Receiver available, we understand that quick and solid support is needed when you are on the job. We are more than happy to provide you with the UNI-Support subscription, which adds direct personal phone support to the already free online ticket desk and marXact knowledge-base. If you select this subscription, you can call us during workdays and ask anything you need to continue surveying. We are here to make your work more easy, efficient, and effective!



Check out the UNI on our roof!

We have positioned a UNI-GR1 on the roof of our headquarters in Hilversum, the Netherlands. This UNI-GR1 is added to a UNI-Cloud Demo environment, so you experience the working process of the cloud completely.

Of course, as it is a Demo, it’s view-only and options are somewhat limited. Please note that options such as editing or pushing setting profiles to a UNI-GR1 in the field, might not be included in the demo.

UNI-Cloud Demo

Click here to get a preview of the UNI-Cloud

Username: [email protected]

Password: Demo01!

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