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About Exocetus

Exocetus Development LLC [Exocetus] was cofounded  in Anchorage, AK, April 2012 by Dr. Joe Imlach and Ray Mahr, Jr, as a result of their purchase of  Alaska Native Technologies LLC [ANT] which included the assets, technology and intellectural property.  ANT had developed an autonomous robotic underwater Littoral Glider with funding from the Office of Naval Research over a 6-year period. Fifteen gliders were delivered to the US NAVY during these six years, and the gliders had a combined 4,500 hours of operation.  These gliders are designed to operate in coastal waters where high currents and large water densities occur due to the fresh water entering these coastal waters from rivers. Legacy gliders [the Slocum, the Seaglider, and the Spray], which were developed by ONR funding over the past 10 years were designed for open-ocean operations, but do not have the capability to operate in coastal waters due to design limitations.
Dr. Imlach, CEO/CTO of Exocetus, was the previous Chief Engineer of ANT for six years and was the key designer of all aspects of the [now named] Exocetus CoastalGlider™.  Ray Mahr, Exocetus VP of Sales & Marketing,  has more than 50 years experience in the field of underwater accoustics and oceanographic instrumentation, and has been the head of two instrumentation manufacturing companies.

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United States of America
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