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Pinger Shallow Water Sub Bottom Profiler

The Pinger Wet End assembly includes interchangeable broadband 3.5kHz and 15kHz projectors, a broadband hydrophone receive array, and a 200kHz transducer. The Pinger Dry End connects via a usb cable to the users laptop computer. Display, control, and data collection are standard features within Knudsen's SounderSuite Windows application software which is supplied with the unit.

  • Pinger Shallow Water Sub Bottom Profiler
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Knudsen's Pinger system is designed specifically for shallow water sub-bottom profiling ( typically operated in 4m to 300m ) and is intended for a simple over the side pole mount installation and not to be deployed as a towed fish. The Pinger Wet End includes two separate interchangeable projectors - a low frequency 3.5kHz projector for hard packed sand bottom, a 15kHz projector for soft mud sediments, and a broadband hydrophone receive array.  A 200kHz transducer is also included which provides a reference point as to where the bottom begins.

The Pinger Dry End is a portable, black box system which plugs into the users laptop computer via a usb cable connection. The system is controlled through Knudsen's SounderSuite Windows application software which is supplied with the unit. The user will be able to view depth records in real time, and record the data onto their computer hard drive for archival and post processing.

The Pinger SBP is also capable of operating in Bathy mode.   The Dry End system is equipped with a toggle switch on the cover panel, allowing operators to select between receiving on the large aperture array or receiving with a separate projecting transducer.

This system provides the user with a wide variety of practical applications, including geophysical sediment research, harbour shoreline construction, and hazardous pond pollution monitoring.



  • Power type
  • Portability of logger
  • Platform type
  • Signal composition
  • Frequency
  • Connections
  • Internal logging

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