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Skyline Software Systems

Produce, Manage, Distribute, and Analyze High Quality 2D & 3D Geospatial Content

“Skyline’s software has played a critical role in the efficient management of [our] massive project, but even more importantly, it has enabled us to share plans with the public in such a way that they could accurately envision what would be built six years later. We were able to allay many concerns in this way, as well as receive valuable feedback that led to adjustments of the final design. With the construction phase complete, the comprehensive 3D visualization that we created will continue to be invaluable for operational management, maintenance, and customer service."”

About Skyline Software Systems

Skyline Software Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of 3D earth visualization software and services. Skyline offers a platform of applications, tools and services for the creation and dissemination of customized, interactive, photo-realistic 3D environments. Focusing on core competencies of 3D earth visualization, model creation, data fusion, terrain analysis and collaboration, Skyline provides tools that deliver on the needs of enterprise customers: flexibility; efficiency and robustness. Skyline’s core product offering, SkylineGlobe, is a web-enabled, interactive 3D globe that supports macro earth level views down to photorealistic street-level urbanscapes and even underground views fused with traditional geospatial and location based data and enhanced by real-time data (video, asset tracking, sensor data...). Skyline’s applications and services have been selected as the best-of-breed solution by government, military, intelligence and commercial clients across the globe.

Skyline Software Systems
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Orlando Skyline - created from Dat Air imagery
PhotoMesh - 3D Geospatial Authoring Tool

Skyline Software Systems

PhotoMesh fully automates the generation of high-resolution, textured, 3D mesh models from standard 2D photographs. This breakthrough application combines unlimited

TerraExplorer is available just where you need it choose from Web, Mobile and Desktop versions
TerraExplorer - 3D Geospatial Viewer & Dissemination Tool

Skyline Software Systems

TerraExplorer provides powerful tools and a high-resolution 3D environment in which to view, query, analyze and present geospatial data. With TerraExplorer's robust

geographically accurate terrain database can be made available to local TerraExplorer clients or published to remote clients (using the SkylineGlobe Terrain service.
TerraBuilder - 3D Terrain Database Creator

Skyline Software Systems

TerraBuilder provides professional-grade tools for manipulating and merging imagery and elevation data of different sizes and resolutions into a geographically accur