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Kongsberg Maritime EA600

Single beam echo sounder, From shallow to 11.000 m

The EA600 singlebeam echosounder operates up to four high power transceivers simultaneously. For improved performance, they are installed close to the transducers and linked to the combined display and processor with a single data cable. Available frequencies span from 12 to 710kHz. A variety of highly efficient transducers is available to suit all your operational needs from extremely shallow water to a depth of 11.000 meters.

  • Kongsberg Maritime EA600
Kongsberg Maritime
Strandpromenaden 50
3191 Horten
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EA 600 Single beam echosounder data storage

The EA 600 has a USB port in front where a read/write CD-ROM or DVD can be connected. System software is supplied on a CD ready for installation, as are subsequent software releases. Data storage may also be performed via this interface.

Multipulse function

In deeper waters, the EA 600 single beam echosounder supports a multipulse function, which allows a higher pinger rate - and thus better accuracy than what is normally possible.

Passive mode - pinger option

The EA 600 provides an advanced and synchronised passive mode for depth measurements using a pinger. This pinger is normally attached to a device, with the purpose of tracking and displaying its current depth.

Remote control software for EA 600 - EA RDS

The EA RDS Remote Display System is a remote control viewer for use with the EA 600 single beam hydrographic echosounder. The software is designed to display a real time echogram from host computer and the data can be sent to one or more computers by network.


  • Year of initial development
  • Max. power consumption [W]
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Width [m]
  • Length [m]
  • Height [m]
  • Portability
    Desktop, Portable, Rack
  • Software platform
    Tablet PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Other
  • Min. depth of operation [m]
  • Max. depth of operation [m]
  • Min. frequency [kHz]
  • Max. frequency [kHz]
  • Number of simultaneous frequencies
  • Min. power output [W]
  • Max. power output [W]
  • Depth resolution [m]
  • Max. sounding rate [Hz]
  • Min. pulse length [ms]
  • Max. pulse length [ms]
  • Accuracy
    (Assuming correct sound velocity, transducer depth and shortest pulse length): 710 kHz and 200 kHz: 1 cm • 120 kHz: 2 cm • 38 kHz: 5 cm • 18 kHz: 10 cm • 12 kHz: 20 cm
  • Sound Velocity
    Variable sound velocity: 1,400 to 1,700 m/sec
  • Display Unit
    Computer HOS 192 (integrated unit): • CD / DVD: External (USB) • Supply voltage: 115 / 230 Vac
  • Body Storage
    Minimum hard disk size: 30 Gb
  • Display
    Size: 19 inch LCD :
  • Screen Resolution
    1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Transmit Transducers
    Operating frequencies: 1 or 2 Single beam frequencies: 12, 18, 33, 38, 50, 70, 120, 200, 210 or 710 kHz
  • Power Supply
    95 to 265 Vac, or 12 Vdc, 50 to 100 W
  • Ping Rate
    Max 20 pr. second
  • Remote operation capability
  • Supported external data inputs
    heave, position, tide
  • Marking of events and other annotations
  • Real-time sound velocity and temperature profile inclusion
  • Real-time coupling to survey/post-processing software
  • Data displayed in real time
    Depth; along-track slope; second layer detection with high/low frequency
  • Data output options
    Raw; corrected echogram data
  • Data output formats
    NMEA; xyz (xtf forthcoming); Simrad and Atlas • $--DBS, $--DBT and $--DBT NMEA formats
  • Connectors
    LAN, RS232, RS422
  • Internal data logging details
  • Main use of the system
    Shallow mid and deep water hydrographic surveys, fisheries research. Can be integrated with side scan sonar, multibeam echosounders and sub-bottom profilers.
  • Menu languages
    English (Other lan guages on request)

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