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Marine Sonic Technology Sea Scan Ranger SAS Sonar

SAS Performance, Compact Footprint, Low Power, & Attainable Pricing

The Sea Scan Ranger is a Synthetic Aperture Sonar specifically designed for small Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). Ranger delivers high resolution, ranges, & increased area coverage rates (ACR) at an affordable price. The innovative design makes it the smallest SAS on the market while consuming less than half the power of conventional SAS systems. The Sea Scan Ranger provides constant 3 cm x 3 cm resolution at ranges of 150 meters per side.

  • Marine Sonic Technology Sea Scan Ranger SAS Sonar
Marine Sonic Technology
120 Newsome Dr. Suite H / PO Box 1309
23692-1309 Yorktown
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Sea Scan Ranger is the ideal sonar for applications that require ultra‐high resolution imagery for detecting very small targets in the first survey pass without sacrificing area coverage rate (ACR). Where conditions are not optimal for SAS Processing, the Ranger provides a High Resolution Dynamic Focused Real Aperture Sonar Mode. The modular design of the Ranger provides both offline and online processing options with ultra‐low power consumption and reduces the mechanical footprint needed for system integration. The system electronics will easily integrate into all small AUV platforms currently on the market. The electronics stack is also available in a watertight pressure housing configuration. The Sea Scan Ranger supports various navigation sensors and offers internal as well as external data storage. Ranger comes with ruggedized transducers custom‐designed and built to fit your vehicle that reduce your time and effort to integrate the sonar payload. This gets your vehicle in the water faster.


  • Year of introduction
  • System type
  • Mode of operation
    Single frequency, Simultaneous dual frequency
  • Model name
    Sea Scan Ranger
  • Min. DC power [V]
  • Max. DC power [V]
  • Power consumption [W]
  • Standard system interfacing capabilities
    SDX (SDK as needed)
  • Generation of firing trigger
    Latitude, Longitude, SOG, COG, Heading, Depth, Altitude, Roll, Pitch, SOS in NMEA-0183
  • Min. frequency [kHz]
  • Max. frequency [kHz]
  • Min. pulse length [µs]
  • Max. pulse length [µs]
  • Source level [dB]
  • Max. Range [m]
  • Max. horizontal resolution [cm]
  • Max. vertical resolution [cm]
  • Max. operating speed [kt]

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