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Falmouth Scientific, Inc. HMS-624 CHIRP

The HMS-624 leverages advanced technologies to provide superior imaging capabilities for deep and shallow water applications. Dual Simultaneous 100/400 KHz Frequency Operation, CHIRP and CW modes, 24-bit CHIRP signal processing, Towing depths up to 2,000 meters, Heading, Pitch, Roll Sensors included; depth optional.

  • Falmouth Scientific, Inc. HMS-624 CHIRP
Falmouth Scientific, Inc.
33 Jonathan Bourne Dr / PO Box 326
02559 Pocasset
United States
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The Falmouth Scientific HMS-624TM Dual Frequency Sidescan System is a portable, dual frequency sidescan system utilizing linear swept FM or "Chirp" technology that provides high resolution imagery sidescan. CW frequencies can also be programmed within the respective band. The transducer arrays are configured to perform both the transmit and the receive functions of the system.



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