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Seismic Streamers

Seismic streamers are one or several buoyant marine cables that connect a number of hydrophones. Via these cable(s) the echoes received by the hydrophones get relayed to the Vessel from which the streamers are put out. Seismic surveys use surface- induced seismic pulses to image subsurface formations.
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Teledyne Streamer Cables Seismic streamers - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
Streamer Cables

Teledyne Marine

Over the years, analogue and conventional diameter digital streamer systems from Geophysical Instruments have set the commercial benchmark in the marine geophysical

Multi-channel Hydrophone Streamers
Multi-channel Hydrophone Streamers

SIG France

SIG multi-channel streamers are dedicated to UHR seismic. The active sections are configurated with 4 to 24 channels in the analog version, and 48 channels in the di

Hydrophones with Delta
Streamer Hydrophones

applied acoustics

High quality streamer hydrophones available as 1, 8, 12 or 20 element MF designs and 24 element LF design. Each is supplied with a pre-amplifier and connectors for

SeaLink Solid Streamer
SeaLink Solid Streamer


Seamap’s SeaLink Solid Streamer active sections are available to work in tandem with the SeaLink 3840 Recording system and the SeaLink 24 Digital Module and 24 Chann

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