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Seamap Seamap SeaLink 3840 Portable Recording System

Light Weight and Portable Compact Workstation (2U)

The Seamap SeaLink 3840 Portable Recording System was developed to acquire and record large quantities of data in real-time as either a portable or fixed installation onboard a marine seismic vessel. The SeaLink 3840 is excellent for 2D, 3D, High Resolution, and Ultra High-Resolution data recording utilizing multiple streamers for seismic surveys.

  • Seamap Seamap SeaLink 3840 Portable Recording System


The SeaLink 3840 Recording System collects 2D and 3D data via the internal Data Array Interface (DAI) cards. The (DAI) integrates perfectly with the SeaLink Solid Streamer and SeaLink 24 Digital Module. The workstation can manage one to four streamers per SeaLink 3840 unit with channel counts from 24 to 240 channels each streamer. The DAI was designed to expand the SeaLink 3840’s multi-streamer functionality to more than 1,500 channels at 2mS sample rate (per array) of seismic data. SeaLink supports sample rates of ¼, ½, 1, 2, and 4ms, adjacent channel summing and continuous recording. The DAI / COMM card are the only custom parts needed to interface with the SeaLink 3840. It exceeds all current wet-end capabilities that are available in today’s market.

The SeaLink architecture allows for future expansion and growth as technology evolves at increasing speeds. Seamap is committed to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology.

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