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Teledyne Marine 8500 Annular Port Source

​The Principal Feature of the Revolutionary Annular Port Source Design Is the Annulus Within Which the Air Chamber and Shuttle Valve Are Housed

The air chamber and shuttle valve, in turn, surround a hollow passage through which air supply hoses and electrical control cables are routed. Peak output is optimized by an increased surface area of the toroidal-shaped bubble compared to the spherically shaped bubble generated by a conventional 4-port air gun.

  • Teledyne Marine 8500 Annular Port Source
Teledyne Marine
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Arrays configured with conventional air guns require individual tow plates, airline and electrical jumpers for each gun element. This configuration is cumbersome and exposes the air and electrical jumpers to the energetic air blast from the guns. Arrays configured with the new Annular Port Air Gun do not require tow plates, cluster spreader bars or exposed air and electrical jumpers.

Key Features:

  • Arrays configured with the Annular Port Source do not require tow plates, cluster spreader bars or exposed air and electrical jumpers.
  • The annular configuration allows for linear source clusters to replace the horizontal or vertical clusters found in conventional source arrays.​
  • Optimized for use in extremely low temperature water


  • Linear arrays are easier to deploy and retrieve
  • The potential for damage caused by frequent deployment and retrieval is less than with the conventional arrays


Volume Output

50 cubic inches – 700 cubic inches

Towing efficiency

The annular configuration allows for simplified multi-gun arrays that produce less drag.

Towing symmetry

Greater symmetry leads to less energetic gun movement.

Increased acoustic output (per unit volume of air)

Redesigned bubble geometry increases surface area compared to conventional solutions.

Simplified deployment

 Gun plates, air manifolds, and exposed air hose and electrical cable jumpers are eliminated.

Protection of equipment

Air fittings and electrical connectors are protected from the effects of the air blast, which reduces the risk of equipment being damaged.

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