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Teledyne Marine 1500LL

It Is a Stable, Trouble-Free Energy Source That Produces High Acoustic Output

Bolt introduced the LONG-LIFETM air gun in 1992. Since then it has become the standard energy source for marine seismic exploration.
Another signature advantage is the long work life between required maintenance.
The Long-LifeTM product line offers three models with different output volume ranges.

  • Teledyne Marine 1500LL
Teledyne Marine
1026 North Williamson Blvd.
32114 Daytona Beach
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Key Features:

  • Chamber volumes from 70 cubic inches to 2,000 cubic inches.
  • Highest peak output over the most extensive range of chamber volumes​​.


  • ​Excellent low-frequency content.
  • Using heavy-duty cluster spreader bars, cluster elements over 1,000 cubic inches possible without sacrificing peak output.


Volume Output

70 cubic inches – 2000 cubic inches

Highest peak output over the largest range of chamber volumes

Excellent low frequency content

Using heavy-duty cluster spreader bars cluster elements in excess of 1,000 cubic inches possible without sacrificing peak output

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