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SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems

SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems

About SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems

SABRE ADVANCED 3D design, develop and manufacture 3D remote sensing solutions for wide-area 3D mapping and high-definition laser scanning for focused localised areas. System solutions are designed to capture detailed 3D information for 3D visualisation and 3D mapping, allowing data extraction for 'As-Built' modelling.

SABRE Advanced 3D’s key solutions use LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and camera solutions for mobile mapping by deployment by land, sea and air.
We offer equipment solutions for deployment on mobile ground, marine and airborne platforms or any appropriate mobile platform.
SABRE ADVANCED 3D has extensive experience in mobile mapping (LiDAR and georeferenced panoramic imagery) dating back to the year 2000.
As well as providing standardised product solutions we provide a custom solutions service to meet customer specific requirements.

SABRE ADVANCED 3D - In-House Capabilities
Custom Solutions and Integration
Sabre Advanced 3D are developers and manufacturers of mobile laser scanning equipment for survey mapping and inspection
Specialist expertise in terrestrial, air and marine applications using GNSS-Inertial Positioning and Orientation Systems technology
Sabre Advanced 3D’s mobile laser scanning equipment can also be integrated and applied for design into specialist applications.

We also offer customised SABRE solutions to meet specific application requirements.

Summary of in-house expertise;
Custom SABRE Mobile Mapping (LiDAR and 360 Imagery) solutions and integration.
360 (Panoramic) mobile Imagery project integration and development Services.
Inertial navigation and laser scanner integration.
Additional Sensors GPR, magnetometer swath-sonar and more.

Sabre Advanced 3D Surveying Systems Ltd head offices are located within the United Kingdom.

SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems

SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems
Unit 4, Brathens ECO-Business Park / Hill of Brathens, Banchory
AB31 4BW
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland


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SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems

SABRE Sky-3D UAV LiDAR system model Options: model: SABRE Sky-3D S80 (Time-of-Flight based laser scanner model) Well suited to jobs requiring Ability to penetrate ve

SABRE-SCAN mobile mapping
SABRE-SCAN mobile mapping

SABRE Advanced 3D Surveying Systems

The SABRE-Scan mobile mapping product Kit. For use with the FARO Focus Range of laser scanners. Portable, Enables Rapid large scale area surveying. Simple to deploy