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Bynav Technology BYNAV Ripley RF ASIC Chipset

Ripley is a highly integrated 3-channel high precision broadband GNSS RFIC, each channel integrates RF front-end, IF filter, AGC and AD converter. Ripley can simultaneously receive BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO all-system multi-frequency signals. Its sampling rate can reach up to 120 MHz, with filter bandwidth configurable from 4 MHz to 40 MHz. The full-chip working current is 80 mA.

  • Bynav Technology BYNAV Ripley RF ASIC Chipset
Bynav Technology
CEC Software Park Building#12, Jianshan Road
410205 Changsha



Highly integrated 3-channel multi-mode multi-frequency GNSS RFIC.

Each channel can be separately configured to receive satellite navigation signals from 1.1GHz to 1.7GHz, within which any frequency/bandwidth is configurable.

Integrated programmable low-pass filter, support 4M, 10M, 20M, 32M, 40MHz and other bandwidth configurations. Support analog IF output and digital IF output.

Integrate 4 bit-ADC to support 3 common code types: SIG/MAG code, binary complement code and unsigned code, and support four-wire SPI with a maximum configuration rate of 10 MHz.

The working temperature range is -55~125℃.

QFN56 7mm×7mm×0.75mm package.

Parameter Description Minimum Typical Maximum
VBAT DC Input Voltage 1.62 V 3.3 V 3.6 V
Icc Working Current \ 80 mA 100 mA
RFIN RF Input Frequency 1100 MHz \ 1700 MHz
S11 RF Input Frequency... \ -15 dB \
Gain Channel Cascade Maximum Gain 92 dB 95 dB 100 dB
AGC Range Gain Control Range \ 85 dB \
Flatness In-band Flatness @0.5BW \ 0.5 dB 1 dB
IMRR Image Reject Rate \ 30 dB \
Phase Noise
Phase noise @1KHz
Phase noise @10KHz
Phase noise @100KHz
Phase noise @1MHz
-86 dBc/Hz
-88 dBc/Hz
-99 dBc/Hz
-120 dBc/Hz
-84 dBc/Hz
-86 dBc/Hz
-90 dBc/Hz
-116 dBc/Hz


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