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Small board,big results.

A compact GNSS board for multiple satellite systems, packed with features.

  • B125
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Tracking for all satellite systems and advanced web functions in an ultra-compact package


Don't be fooled by the small size. The B125 convinces with future-proof tracking of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou signals as well as RTK positioning in the centimeter range with simultaneous remote access via Ethernet.

The B125 GNSS receiver board is an ultra-compact positioning engine that provides scalable positioning from DGPS positioning in the submeter range to RTK positioning in the subcentime range. Low power consumption, comprehensive communication interfaces and peripheral support make the B125 extremely flexible and ensure that it can be easily integrated into any application for precise positioning.

  • Ultra-compact receiver board with future-proof GNSS tracking
  • Low power consumption
  • 226-channel Vanguard technology with universal tracking channels for reliable "all-in-view" tracking
  • SD card interface support for quick and easy data acquisition
  • Serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet available through a single port to ensure effective data exchange


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