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SubC Imaging Rental | Skate Mk2 Laser

Dimmable green laser | 3D modelling | Metrology

The Skate Laser is a precision subsea laser designed for subsea applications that require a high-quality image reference such as 3D modeling, machine vision, pipeline inspections, or marine species measurements.

It is available in various patterns and beam angles, including solid line beam or dotted grid pattern. SubC LEDs and lasers are plug-and-play when coupled with the Rayfin camera.

  • SubC Imaging Rental | Skate Mk2 Laser
SubC Imaging
327 Memorial Drive
A5A 1R8 Clarenville


In addition to our standard laser models, there are other beam patterns available.

Product Features:

  • Precision machine vision laser
  • 100mW class 3B 520nm green laser
  • Dimmable RS485 and TTL modulated laser module
  • Lens options for various patterns and beam angles
  • 6000m, Titanium and Sapphire
  • Plug and play with SubC cameras


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