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Subsea Europe Services GmbH R2Sonic I2NS Type I or Type II

Integrated Inertial Navigation System I2NS Type I or Type II

The integrated Inertial Navigation System I2NS™ from R2Sonic is based on the Applanix OceanMaster™ (Type I) or WaveMaster™ (Type II) and integrates seamlessly with the R2Sonic Wideband-Broadband Multibeam Echosounder System.

  • Subsea Europe Services GmbH R2Sonic I2NS Type I or Type II
Subsea Europe Services GmbH
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Scope of supply for the I2NS Type I or Type II system:

  • 1 x Integrated Inertial Navigation System Type R2Sonic I2NS Type I (Type II) complete with
    • Roll / Pitch Accuracy: 0.01° (0.02°) with RTK
    • Heading Accuracy: 0.02° (0.03°) with 2 m antenna baseline 
    • Heave Accuracy 5 cm or 5%, 2 cm or 2% with TrueHeave™
  • 1 x Sonic Interface Module with INS (SIM-INS)
  • 2 x Trimble 540AP antennas
  • 1 x I2NS IMU Assembly, Type II
  • 2 x Antenna Cable, 8 m (optional 15 m and 25 m)
  • 1 x Deck cable, 15 m, for IMU (optional 25 m and 50 m)
  • Optional Fugro Marinestar GNSS G2/G4+ Regional (German EEZ - Baltic Sea and North Sea)


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