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Subsea Europe Services GmbH Integrated Hydrographic Survey System-Compact (iHSS-Compact)

Compact survey-ready multibeam system with everything needed for a successful shallow water campaign

The integrated Hydrographic Survey System-Compact (iHSS-Compact) includes a high-performance Multibeam with Survey Notebook, Software, Inertial Navigation System and Mounting Solution.
Suited to shallow water and inland waterway surveys, the iHSS-Compact can be delivered anywhere in Europe in a single Peli case. The system is designed to make it easy for users at any experience level to select the right configuration for the job, quickly install and calibrate the system on even the smallest of

  • Subsea Europe Services GmbH Integrated Hydrographic Survey System-Compact (iHSS-Compact)
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Compact integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS-Compact) with the following components:

1 x Multibeam Echosounder Type “R2Sonic Sonic 2020” complete with:

  • 100 m immersion depth rating
  • Ultra High Density (UHD) up to 1.024 independent soundings per ping
  • Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) 700 kHz Output
  • TruePix / MultiSpectral Backscatter Output

1 x Sonic 2020 Integrated Mounting Frame & Hardware Kit (Multibeam & MRU)

1 x Integrated Inertial Navigation System Type “R2Sonic I2NS Type II” featuring:

  • Roll / Pitch Accuracy: 0.02° with RTK
  • Heading Accuracy: 0.03° with 2 m antenna baseline
  • Heave Accuracy 5 cm or 5%, 2 cm or 2% with TrueHeave™
  • Optional Fugro Marinestar GNSS G2/G4+ subscription service at additional cost per day

1 x Powerful Survey and Post-Processing Notebook with complete BeamworX Suite

1 x AML Micro•X SV integrated surface sound velocity probe

1 x AML Base•X₂ SVP shallow water sound velocity profiler (100 m or 500 m)

1 x Deck cable, 15 m, for Multibeam, MRU and Micro•X SV (optional 25 m and 50 m)

2 x Antenna cable, 15 m (optional 25 m and 50 m)

Upgrade to Integrated Inertial Navigation System Type “R2Sonic I2NS Type I” at an additional cost per day.

Fast delivery Europe-wide. 



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