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Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime HAIN Subsea 7000 System

The HAIN Subsea 7000 with co-located DVL is a fully integrated inertial navigation system for subsea vehicles. The system can be aided from acoustic positioning systems, Doppler velocity and pressure sensors.

  • Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime HAIN Subsea 7000 System
Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime
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Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial Navigation Package

System benefits:

  • precise, smooth and accurate positioning
  • higher position update rate
  • precise and accurate depth
  • precise and accurate orientation (heading, roll and pitch)
  • precise and accurate velocity estimate in 3D
  • estimation and compensation of sensor errors
  • much better QC and QA
  • easily used with NavLab post-processing for even better accuracy, precision and integrity.

The package is supplied with:

  • Subsea MGC® R3 IMU/Processing module
  • Nortek DVL1000 - 4000 m Doppler Velocity Log
  • Paroscientific Digiquartz® Depth sensor
  • Survey APOS computer which enables independent HiPAP®, cPAP® and Subsea HAIN operations from the vessels ROV/Survey area.

The computer includes the following enabled APOS software functions:

  • CYMBAL (requires HiPAP® X81/X82 transceiver unit)
  • SSBL Fast Track
  • LBL ROV, vessel and transponder positioning
  • Interface to cPAP® ROV transceiver unit
  • Subsea HAIN.

Survey APOS computer specifications:

  • 8-port serial card: 4 x RS-232 and 4 x RS-422/485
  • Ethernet ports: Net A, B and C
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 425 x 425 x 185 mm; Weight: 17 kg.
  • Power: 90-132 / 180-264 V ac, 80 W.

Subsea MGC® R3 IMU/Processing module specifications:

  • Heading accuracy (GNSS aided): 0.04° RMS (secant latitude)
  • Dynamic accuracy roll & pitch: 0.01° RMS
  • Dynamic accuracy heave: 5 cm or 5 % (whichever is highest)
  • Angle random walk: 0.008 ° / sq. root hour
  • Bias repeatability: 330 micro g (1 Sigma)
  • Dynamic range (Accelerometers): ±30 g

Housing connector types: SubConn (1 x 16-pin and 3 x 8-pin):

  • Connection to topside: Ethernet 10 Mbit
  • Interface to DVL and Depth sensor
  • 1 PPS signal output.
  • 24 VDC (20–32V input range), 200 W
  • Titanium housing, depth rated to 7000 m (Nortek DVL1000 to 4000 m)
  • Length, diameter: 368 mm / 584 mm (with Nortek DVL1000), 187 mm
  • Weight in air/water (without DVL): 20 kg /12.5 kg.

Notes: The package can be supplied without DVL and/or Depth Sensor. The Seatex MGC-R3 is a Non-ITAR product.


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