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Rental Services and Equipment

This section provides an overview of suppliers of rental services and the equipment they have available for rent. To see the relevant options, simply select a supplier, geographical region and/or product category. You can then request more information about availability and pricing on the product pages.
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cNODE® Maxi Floatation Collar
cNODE® Maxi Floatation Collar

Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime

Compatible with cNODE® Maxi transponders and depth rated to 2000m, 4000m and 7000m.

Rental | Aquorea LED - White
Rental | Aquorea LED - White

SubC Imaging

Available to rent, the Aquorea can simultaneously operate as a lamp and strobe. When taking a photo, the LED’s activation time is tightly synchronized with the camer

Proceq GS8000
Proceq GS8000

Symetrics Limited

The one solution for locating objects and mapping the underground world using SFCW ground penetrating radar technology.

Superior clarity of data, accurately geo-

Combined Mounting Bracket of the integrated Hydrographic Survey System
Integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS)

Subsea Europe Services GmbH

The integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS) includes a high-performance Multibeam with Workstation, Software, Inertial Navigation System and Mounting Solution.

TOPAS PS120 Sub-Bottom Profiler
TOPAS PS120 Sub-Bottom Profiler

Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime

Portable Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler

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