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Subsea Europe Services GmbH R2Sonic Sonic 2020 - 100 m

Compact Sonic 2020 for mounting on vessels and ASV's

The worldwide standard for compact and high resolution multibeam systems in a powerful package: R2Sonic's Sonic 2020 Broadband-Wideband Multibeam Echosounder, Ultra High Resolution (UHR, 700 kHz), TruePix™ Backscatter and Multispectral Mode for maximum flexibility on the job.

  • Subsea Europe Services GmbH R2Sonic Sonic 2020 - 100 m
Subsea Europe Services GmbH
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Scope of supply for the R2Sonic Sonic 2020 - 100 m:

  • 1 x Multibeam Echosounder type “R2Sonic Sonic 2020” complete with:
    • Ultra High Resolution (UHR, 700 kHz)
    • TruePix™ Backscatter
    • Pipeline-/Cable-Mode and Multispectral
  • 1 x Sonic 2020 Sonar Interface Module Standard (SIM)
  • 1 x Sonic 2020 Mounting Frame
  • 1 x AML Micro•X SV integrated surface sound velocity probe
  • 1 x Deck cable, 15 m, for Multibeam and Micro•X SV


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