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Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime HiPAP 352P-MGC Portable System

Calibration Free Portable Hydroacoustic Positioning Reference

Long Base Line (LBL) and Supershort Base Line (SSBL) compatibility, fully compatible with Cymbal® and HPR400 acoustic protocols.

  • Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime HiPAP 352P-MGC Portable System
Rental Services in Kongsberg Maritime
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Fully compatible with Cymbal and HPR400 acoustic protocols
Inbuilt motion and heading sensor: Seatex MGC R3

  • Operating range: 1 - 5000 m
  • Main operational coverage area: ± 80°
  • Range detection accuracy (Cymbal): 2 cm
  • Angular accuracy (S/N [20 dB Rel. 1μPa]): 0.10°
  • Heading accuracy (GNSS aided): 0.1° RMS (secant latitude)
  • Dynamic accuracy roll & pitch: 0.01° RMS
  • Depth rating: up to 50 m
  • Length, diameter; weight (air): 661, 338 mm; 51 kg
  • Supplied with a 50 m or 70 m length transducer cable
  • Supplied with an APOS laptop or 19” rack-mounted computer
  • Optional system item: Responder drive kit.


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