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GPA Seabots E-Blue Smart Kit

Turn your traditional boat into an electric, autonomous and intelligent boat.

E-Blue Smart Kit from GPASEABOTS is designed to transform a traditional boat into a boat with an integrated electric propulsion system while maintaining the traditional propulsion system.

  • GPA Seabots E-Blue Smart Kit
GPA Seabots
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Blue Smart Kit by GPASEABOTS is designed to transition a traditional boat into a boat with an integrated electric propulsion system while maintaining the traditional propulsion system.

The remote controller (touchscreen interface) allows the drawing of waypoints and tracks so that the boat sails autonomously and safely, while maintaining manual control when desired, providing superior manoeuvrability at delicate manouvers or moorings. Traditional control(rudder, wheel) can be used simultaneously with this electrical system if desired.

The option of using the traditional combustion engine is always available.

Blue Smart is capable to maintain its position without anchor (depending on weather conditions) through its positioning system.

The versatility of the system is compatible with the integration of other complementary sensors or accessories such as lights, solar panels, all types of cameras, instrumentation, etc.

Compatible with any boat up to 12m (39feet).

Range of motor selections (ranging from 1kw to 10kw power) are installed in relation to boat’s lenght.

Remote control's operating distance between the boat and the control unit is up to 1.5km in good visibility and weather conditions.

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