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Uniaxial Tilt Sensor CANopen Output

Uniaxial Tilt Sensor CANopen Output

ER-TS-4155CA Features: 1. Single axis tilt monitoring; 2. Full range accuracy 0.1°, resolution 0.01°; 3. Wide voltage input DC 9~36V.

Ericco inertial system
Xi'an, CN


ER-TS-4155CA CAN Single Axis Tilt Meter is a CANopen output uniaxial tilt sensor which is specially developed for industrial field control. The product has a built-in micro-electro-mechanical production process tilt unit, which has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, and high consistency and stability of the micro-electro-mechanical process. It is an industrial-grade tilt module with a working temperature of -40~+85°C.
The product uses non-contact measurement of the original quantity, and can output the current attitude and inclination in real time. The operation is simple, and there is no need to retrieve the two faces of relative changes. It has strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference and can adapt to long-term work in harsh industrial environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial automation control and platform attitude measurement.

Single axis tilt monitoring
Full range accuracy 0.1°, resolution 0.01°
Industrial design
Wide voltage input DC 9~36V (5V customizable)
Wide temperature working -40~+85℃
Measuring range: 0~±180°(optional)
High vibration resistance>3500 g
Baud rate 100K-500K bps
IP67 Protection
Output: CANopen
Small volume (90*40*27mm) (customizable)

High voltage wire tower monitoring
Satellite solar antenna positioning
High tractor, deep farming machinery
Mining machinery, oil logging equipment
Medical equipment
Tripod head levelling
Hydraulic lifting platform
Inclination monitoring
Angle control of various construction machinery
Inspection of bridges and dams

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