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Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker

ER-MNS-06 (0.5°/1°):

1. Smallest Size MEMS north seeker in the world; 2. Resistant to harsh mechanical environment; 3. Light weight, low power consumption.


A triaxial MEMS north seeker, also known as a triaxial magnetometer, is a type of sensor used to detect the Earth’s magnetic field and determine the direction of true north. These sensors are commonly used in various applications, including navigation systems, drones, robotics. Ericco offers you the world’s smallest 3-axis MEMS north finder with affordable price.

1.Technical Features

Smallest Size MEMS north seeker in the world

Triaxial MEMS gyro and accelerometer

Light weight, low power consumption

Resistant to harsh mechanical environment

2. Applications

Coal mining

Oil drilling

Tunnel construction


Static initial alignment of missile launch, weapon targeting

Direction control of radar, antenna, vehicle

 3. Specifications

 4. Wiring Definition

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