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MAHI Sense

Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) automation kit

MAHI Sense turns conventional vessels into autonomous vessels in a matter of days!


MAHI Sense system is a fully featured USV automation kit, comprising of several components:

  • Onboard components:

    • MAHI Sense hardware unit & MAHI Sense software

  • Remote components:

    • MAHI Bridge User Interface

    • Handheld remote controller & MAHI remote controller software

The MAHI Sense onboard hardware unit is a powerful autonomous computer developed by MAHI with maritime applications in mind. The anodised, CNC-milled aluminium casing protects the electronics from the harsh maritime environment and passively cools the electronics with its intelligent design. Third-party equipment can be directly plugged into the MAHI Sense through the waterproof, industry-standard connectors on the casing.

The MAHI Sense software, deployed on the hardware unit, processes the data from several sensors (eg EO/IR camera, radar, AIS, depth sounder, GNSS, IMU) to perceive its environment. Several software modules are available to cover critical aspects of autonomous navigation:

  • Situational awareness: multi-sensor type obstacle detection & classification

  • Decision-making: collision detection and dynamic path planning for COLREG-compliant collision avoidance.

  • Control: interface with existing onboard autopilots or include MAHI’s path-tracking or station-keeping modules

MAHI also provides the option to record sensor & system data on its integrated storage (up to 8TB), enabling advanced digital video recording (DVR) capabilities.

The MAHI Bridge enables remote operators to visualize the environment of the vessel and to control the vessel and its subsystems through an intuitive and integrated User Interface. MAHI Bridge features nautical charts augmented with data from the navigation sensors, either in separate window or overlay modes. MAHI Bridge also provides the interface to control sensor parameters (e.g. PTZ cameras and radar controls) and other equipment (e.g. navigation lights, winches, actuators) through its library of supported third-party devices.

Last but not least, the MAHI system also comes with the possibility to remotely control the vessel through a handheld controller.

Ask us about the hardware and cyber-security options!

MAHI Sense’s brochure can be found here:

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Area of Application

Autonomous navigation of USVs

Desktop platform support


Compatiable USVs

All USVs

Data Capturing

Data Playback


Export to Standard Video Files


Geo-referenced Data


Logged & Synchoronized




Real Time Streaming Data


Supports Multiple Videos


Geo-Referencing / Navigation



Vehicle Control and Positioning



Cruise Control


Dynamic Positioning


Mission execution


Real-time Supervision


Station Keeping


Waypoint Execution





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