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High Precision Navigation MEMS IMU

High Precision Navigation MEMS IMU


ER-MIMU-06 (0.05º/h) Features: 1. Measuring range ±400º/s; 2. Bias instability (Allan variance) 0.05º/h; 3. Light Weight.

Ericco inertial system
Xi'an, CN


ER-MIMU-06 uses MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope with high quality and reliability, RS422 and external communication, baud rate can be flexibly set between 9600~921600, through the communication protocol to set the user’s required communication baud rate. With X, Y, Z three-axis precision gyro, X, Y, Z three-axis accelerometer with high resolution, can be output by RS422 X, Y, Z three axis of gyroscope and accelerometer’s original hexadecimal complement data (including gyro hexadecimal complement the numerical temperature, Angle, the accelerometer hexadecimal temperature, the acceleration hexadecimal complement number); It can also output float dimensionless values of the gyroscope and accelerometer processed by the underlying calculation.

Application areas
Antenna and Line of Sight Stabilization Systems
Integrated Navigation Systems & Inertial Guidance System
Flight Control & Guidance System
Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
Stabilization of Antennas, Cameras & Platforms
Aerial and Marine Geo-mapping / Surveying

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