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High Performance Dynamic FOG North Seeker

High Performance Dynamic FOG North Seeker


1. Dynamic direction initial alignment & keeping solution; 2. Suitable for land surveying and mapping & direction control for moving vehicles, carriers; 3. High performance FOG & Quartz accelerometer as core sensor.

Ericco inertial system
Xi'an, CN


ER-FNS-01 High Performance Dynamic FOG North Seeker (0.02°-0.5°) consists of high precision, rugged solid FOG, quartz accelerometer, data acquisition and processing unit. It can provide the true north azimuth information of the carrier when the carrier is moving. At the same time, the information of motion attitude, velocity and position of the carrier can also be displayed. This dynamic north seeker is suitable for static and dynamic initial alignment of missile launch, weapon aiming, direction control of radar, antenna and mapping survey.

North seeking
Navigation and control
Attitude reference system
Vehicle and ship attitude measurement
Integrated inertial/satellite navigation system
Drilling and production system
Mobile mapping system

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