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Gallio PRO - video and photo anonymization software

Gallio PRO - video and photo anonymization software


Gallio PRO is a desktop application that allows for simple and automated blurring of faces and license plates in videos and photos.

Trasee Sp. z o.o.


Gallio PRO is software for automated anonymization (face and license plate blurring) in photo & video materials. Its main purposes are privacy protection and GDPR compliance. Compared to similar solutions it works as a desktop app, fully on-premise, and does not use cloud computing which involves sending sensitive data to third-party servers.

The application's interface is clear and easy to use. The application can be successfully used on office-grade devices and by people who have never dealt with video and photo processing before.




Main design elements

Options for delivery

Processing type

Data Processing


Operating System

Windows, MacOS


Import and process data automatically

Blur Faces


Blur License Plates


Data Protection


Data and Storage Encryption


Automated Anonymization


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